Cat Adoption Tips from Moshow

So you want to adopt a cat? Here are some facts you should know.

Not all cats are the same!

How much time and energy do you have for taking care of your new cat? It’s important to remember that not all cats are the same. Bringing home a kitten is a very different experience than bringing home a senior cat. Kittens have a lot of energy and want to play, play, play. Also, make sure you spend time getting to know your cat before you bring her home from the shelter. Just like people, every cat has his or her own personality. Perhaps you want a mellow cat instead of a sassy cat? Just get to know who it is you are bringing home.

Can you afford to care for your cat?


There are many responsibilities related to caring for a cat. Adoption fees can be expensive, but the expense doesn’t stop there. Your cat will need toys, kitty litter, collars and leashes, and don’t forget about tags and licenses. And finally, you want your cat to stay healthy. Keep in mind regular trips to the vet are very important for your cat’s long-term wellness.

Are you ready to bring a cat home?

Make sure you are ready before bringing a cat home. Is your house cat-friendly? Remember, cats like to roam. So make sure you have places for your cat to roll around and play. Variety is the spice of life! Cats get bored just like people do. They love to explore and climb, and you want to make sure they can do that without causing problems in the house.

Let’s go to the vet!

No one really likes going to the doctor, but it’s an important fact of life. As soon as you can, you should have your furry friend checked out by a local veterinarian, especially if you have other animals in the house. You want to make sure your cat is healthy and won’t bring any sickness into your home. 

Do you have any other animals at home?

Do you remember when you met your best friend? Maybe you were a little shy at first? Or maybe you jumped right in and started playing together? Everyone is different. If you have additional pets at home, make sure your new cat isn’t stressed out when you introduce her to the rest of the family. Let her explore the house on her own terms, and mingle with the other pets when she is ready. Everyone will get along eventually.